Journal- Gratitude-Dream-Reflection



MXD3 Journal of Gratitude, Reflection and Dream. We created this to make it easier for you to record your story. As future ancestors, this book is your legacy to your children, family, and friends. It’s a testament to your existence. It is a way to be more present and aware of the daily miracles around you. This Journal will help you develop a morning and evening routine to enhance resilience. Like the lion, you will find ways to thrive within any challenges life throws at you.                                                              MORNING G.E.M
Start your day with Gratitude, the miracle pill to happiness. Exercise 20 min minimum to energize your body and mind. Meditation will teach you to be present and mindful.
Reflection pages allow you to write anything you want, notes, inspirations, and feelings that aren’t ready to be heard.
Be honest, genuine, and be you; you never know how your words will impact the lives of those who read them. Write in this Journal to free yourself of the stories that are not yet ready to be known         EVENING R.E.C.A.P
Review on your day. Exercising with yoga or walking will help calm your mind. Organize your Calendar for the next day. Affirm with conviction who you are, want to be or would like to receive. Bring Peace to your mind with prayer or meditation. This time is your time to be at one with yourself fully.
Every morning you are B.O.R.N again. Before you touch your phone or get out of bed, Breath consciously to acknowledge your existence. Open your eyes and welcome the day. Remember last night’s dream by relaxing and letting your body feel. Note the feelings, the images, and the message; it may not make sense immediately, but it will eventually. Because while your conscious mind rest, your subconscious mind travels to the dream world to share the knowledge you may have missed while awake.